Alyson Argabrite

Marketing Manager


Credentials: Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent; 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT); ACSM Group Exercise Instructor (GEI)


Career: Insurance Agent


Instagram Handle: @alysonargabrite


Why are you on the board for cOMmunity collective? I first found yoga in 2017 when VIDA Hot Yoga opened in downtown Kingsport. I like trying new workouts and I haven’t looked back since I started doing hot yoga. I’ve tried many types of cardio as well as lifting weights and typically experience some type of boredom or burnout. With yoga, I am never bored as there are an infinite amount of ways to flow from pose to pose. And because you use your own body weight, you can make your practice as gentle or as challenging as you would like.


While practicing yoga is certainly a healthy form of exercise, I think the greatest benefits for me have been the mind-body connection and the community that is built within a studio or gym setting. I have made so many friends through VIDA and they are now my yoga family. I love to do yoga, but the community is what keeps me coming back. After practicing for over two years, I decided to become a RYT so I could teach and share my love of yoga with others.


When the opportunity was presented to me to join the board, it was a no brainer. I was excited to be able to give back to my community while spending time with my friends. I love being able to help with CC’s website and social media. I have a degree in advertising/marketing and I feel like I’m finally putting some of that knowledge to use. Now that I am a RYT, I have also been involved with our kids yoga programs. It means to the world to me to share something that I wish I had found at a much younger age.


Favorite yoga pose and why: Revolved side plank. Besides loving how awesome this stretch feels, I love that it reminds me to “take up space” in a literal sense. In class, we are cued to stretch long and take up our entire mat in this pose. When I am off my mat and in the real world, I am reminded that I deserve to take up space. I think so many of us feel we have to remain “small” to please others but yoga can teach us the opposite.


Least favorite yoga pose and why: Eagle pose. I have a hard time getting into this pose which frustrates me. It usually takes me two or three attempts to get my legs placed correctly and once I do that, I've never been able to get my feet in the right places. It reminds me that some things will never be the way I wish they would be. And that’s OK! You do the best you can and move on.