Aubryn Street


Credentials: M.Ed; 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

Career: 4th grade teacher at Johnson Elementary; Director of Operations at Vida Hot Yoga

Instagram Handle: @aubryn_street

Why are you on the board for cOMmunity collective? I am on the board to help get yoga in our community. I am OBSESSED with yoga. There are so many benefits of yoga, but the mental clarity that it gives me is what originally drew me in. Then, I realized that while I was taking care of myself mentally, I was also getting stronger. I love the physical aspect of yoga. There is always something that you can challenge yourself with!


Favorite yoga pose and why: Standing splits...I LOVE handstand hops. I have a goal to be able to hop up into a handstand and hold it one day!

Least favorite yoga pose and why: Warrior 2...I hate holding this pose. I have no idea why!!