2020 to 2021 Board Members


Front left to right:

Toni Hobbs, Alyson Argabrite, Blair Jervis, Leslie Bates, Ethan Bates

Back left to right:

Lacey Johnson, Aubryn Street, Drew Street, Hope Bruner

Meet the faces behind CC that work hard to share the gift of yoga with our community. Each member is a professional in the Tri-Cities area that has found value in the practice of yoga. This value extends far beyond the mat and shows up in their everyday lives.


Yoga has become a popular fitness modality for its flexibility and strength benefits but the mind-body connection may be the greatest reward of all. The simple concept of "breath to movement" provides endless benefits such as increased awareness and presence, improvement of confidence and self-esteem, while reducing anxiety and stress. Each member has experienced these positive effects firsthand from their own yoga practice. CC is passionate about sharing this knowledge with populations that are not typically exposed to yoga.